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DVD-R up to 16x.
Recordable Disc for Video and Data

The Fujifilm DVD-R 16x recordable disc is based on organic dye that has proven to allow recording capabilities at speeds ranging from 1x to 16x, which is ideal for archiving, storage and retrieval of high-capacity data files such as photos and video. It can also be used for stand-alone PC or network backup at home or for business. The DVD-R 16x appears in a new innovative, clear design to facilitate product identification.

  • DVD-R 4.7GB/120 min., for Video and Data, Recordable
  • The disc optimized for the recording valuable digital data at very wide speeds ranging from 1x real time to 16x.
  • Superior storage performance and durability of light exposure.
    Archival life of over 100 years at room temperature.
    (*estimated using the Arrhenius storageperfomance acceleration method)
  • Excellent reliability by high sensitive dye for record and read
  • Suitable for special contents that you don´t want to miss by overwriting
  • Appears in a new innovative design to facilitate product identification
  • Available in:
    • 5- pack or 10-pack of jewel cases
    • 5-pack video box
    • cake box with 10, 25, 50 or 100 pcs.
    • 10 pack slimcase