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DVD+RW up to 2x.
Rewritable Disc for Video and Data.

To achieve high-quality recording and a high level of durability, Fujifilm DVD+RW discs utilize a high-performance phase change material which is ideal for mass storage and long archival life. Designed for personal or professional use, the Fujifilm DVD+RW disc can record up to 4.7 GB or 120 minutes of video, high-resolution photo images and large data files. Highly compatible, the Fujifilm DVD+RW discs can be played on most DVD players and DVD-ROM drives after they're recorded. The DVD+RW disc is available in two different packaging styles - Jewel Case and Video Box.

DVD+RW at a glance

  • DVD+RW at a glance
  • Constant linear data density
  • CLV and CAV recording
  • Write speeds from 1x to 4x
  • Defect management handled by the drive
  • Quick formatting
  • Uses same 8-16 Modulation and RS code as DVD-ROM
  • Recording Sequential and random recording 32 kB ERCO blocks

Lossless linking

* This feature makes the format very efficient and suitable for random write in data as well as video applications. Additionally, lossless linking makes it possible to replace any individual 32 kB block (recording unit) by a new one, without losing compatibility.