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3592 Tape Cartridge

300GB High Capacity Tape Cartridge.

At a Glance

For IBM 3592 TotalStorage™ Enterprise Tape Drive System
Enterprise-class data storage systems require the use of media that offers both high capacity and extremely high reliability. Featuring Fujifilm's proprietary NANOCUBIC technology, our 3592 Tape Cartridge Series offers 500GB native capacity (1500GB, 3:1 data compressed) and a native transfer rate of 104MB/second. And Fujifilm tape products are recognized throughout the world as among the most reliable data storage products available.

Fujifilm 3592 500GB & 100GB WORM: Write Once Read Many Tape Cartridges
Fujifilm 3592 WORM cartridges are designed to help support long term data retention needs and meet regulatory requirements worldwide. Fujifilm 3592 WORM cartridge design includes embedded security features to help prevent the alteration or deletion of stored data, such as our tamper-proof screws which prevent the cartridge from being opened, providing extra security for your most critical data.


  • Capacity: 300GB (Native) / 500GB (Compressed) - JA Tape
  • Transfer speed: 104MB/second (Native) - JA Tape
  • Durability: 300 full passes (long length); 40,000 cycles at ambient
  • Capacity: 60GB (Native / 100GB (Compressed) - JJ Tape
  • Made possible by Fujifilm NANOCUBIC Technology