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3592 WORM

300GB Write-Once-Read-Many Tape Cartridge.

WORM:Non-Rewritable Tape Cartridge with DATA (300GB) Fujifilm provides non-alterable and non-rewriteable Fujifilm 3592WORMTape Cartridges with 300GB capacity. Fujifilm's unique process technology secures important data in the longterm. One example is the tamper-proof screw which protects the Tape Cartridge from being opened, thus providing high security.

Consistently high output
Fujifilm tape has an exceptionally smooth surface that assures improved head contact and minimal spacing loss. As a result, output is consistently high.

High-precision servo system
Servo signals encoded directly on the tape ensure high-precision head tracking with timingbased servo systems. Fujifilm quality control assures outstanding signal quality and precision.

Ruggedly constructed cartridge shells

For maximum durability, cartridge shells are constructed of heavy-gauge resin, and internal components are specially designed to withstand heavy use. Five high tensilestrength screws are also used to secure the cartridge shell halves together.

Built-in memory modules
All cartridges are equipped with multifunction non-contact flash memory modules.

Allround Library Pack
The library pack protects the cartridges against impact if dropped and provides also added protection against dust and humidity. It’s a good and safe storage and archival solution offering easy and quick unpacking, carrying and piling.
Contents: 20 pcs.


Basic Specifications Capacity (3:1 Data Compressed) 300GB (900GB) Transfer Rate (3:1 Data Compressed) 40MB/sec (110MB/sec) Number of Tracks 512 Physical Characteristics Tape Width 12.65mm Tape Thickness 8.9µm Tape Length 609m Cartridge Dimensions (LxWxH) 125.0 x 109.0 x 24.5 mm Operating Environmental Conditions Temperature 16 - 32°C Archival Environment Conditions 16 ~ 25°C Data Rewrite no