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FUJIFILM Photo Imaging Training

You know how important the finished image is to your customers, so naturally you want to provide a quality service whilst operating your lab with maximum efficiency. Fujifilm training can help you acheive this with our wide range of operator training courses. Modules can be tailored to your needs covering all aspects of kit operation, including image editing to provide all important customer satisfaction and machine maintenance to ensure your lab runs with minimal downtime.

Certificated award

A Fujifilm certificate of completion of the course is awarded to each individual participant.

If you would like to receive further information relating to any of our courses please email training(at)fuji.co(dot)uk.

Top Up Training

Wet Lab Training

2 day top up course for experienced staff

Maintenance Training

The course is aimed at the more experienced operator who wishes to learn the correct operation and maintenance procedures for optimum performance and minimum downtime of their lab. Ideally the candidate will have attended Fuji Setup and Operation training, although a minimum of 3 months lab experience would suffice. Potential faults, their prevention and resolution are also covered, to instill confidence in the operator to tackle non-engineer issues.  

Course Duration:  2 days

Max. Group Size:  4 persons

Cost:  From £75 per person per day

Dry Lab Training

1 day course relating to Operation & System maintenanceDL Training

This course is aimed to provide training in the correct procedures to maintain an efficient Dry Lab and ensure maximum productivity and minimum wastage.

Course Duration:  1 day

Max. Group Size:  4 persons

Cost:  From £75 per person per day

Kiosk - Basic Operation & Setup

Kiosk Basic Operation & Setup

This course is aimed to provide trainees with the ability to carry our basic operational procedures and set up product and pricing structures.

Duration:  1/2 day

Max. Group Size:  4 persons

Cost:  POA

Digital Minilab Setup And Operation

2-day course for less experienced staff

The Setup And Operation course is designed with the lesser experienced operator in mind. The course can be tailored to specific kit types and setups, to include film processors and various digital input devices where appropriate.

All aspects of day to day set up and operation are covered to ensure staff can maximise efficiency in their lab.

Duration:  2 days

Max. Group Size:  4 persons

Cost:  From £75 per person per day

Digital Home Study

The ‘Digital Imaging Home Study Course' aims to provide an introduction to digital imaging and further explanations of the technologies and terms involved in digital image capture, processing and output. The ‘Digital Imaging Home Study Course' is aimed at individuals at all levels within the photographic / imaging industry.The course can equally apply to individuals new to our industry as well as updating the knowledge of existing staff. It is strongly advised that the original ‘Home Study Course' is completed prior to attendance on the ‘Digital Imaging Home Study Course'. All attendees are expected to have at least some basic PC skills - access to the internet would be an advantage as some websites are recommended for background information.

A minimum pass mark of 40% is set.

For more information or to book this course, please email: training(at)fuji.co(dot)uk.