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Use of Non Fujifilm Materials

Important Information

Use of Other Manufacturer's Materials

Fujifilm Minilab Equipment has been designed around the use of Fujifilm materials, with doing so the equipment will always provide a very high level of performance, producing high quality images every time.

In certain circumstances it has been found that deterioration and degradation of parts such as processing rack rollers has occurred over a period of time with the use of other manufacturer's materials.

Whilst the use of other manufacturer's materials is not recommended the Fujifilm minilab equipment will still operate successfully initially, however in the long-term the effects of doing so may cause problems as stated.

Any parts or labour charges resultant of failures from the use of other manufacturer's materials during a warranty or service contract period shall not be covered under that agreement by Fujifilm Equipment Support Department.

Materials that Fujifilm Equipment Support Department have experienced problems with are as follows:

  • Chemistry (affected rollers, rubber connections and guides)
  • Air Filters (overheating of electrical units)
  • Chemical Filters (poor circulation, chemistry temperature control)
  • Paper (paper dust - paper dust can cause sensors to become blocked, causing operational errors.  Paper thickness - increased paper thickness can cause rapid cutter blade wear)

The above examples cover some of the materials which may cause long term problems, however, please note this depends on quality of materials and can differ considerably from one manufacturer to another.  No life span can be given as a guide as this will depend on usage and volumes of material used.
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