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FUJINON X-Mount Lenses

Our range of high precision lenses suitable for Fujifilm X mount interchangeable lens cameras.

X Mount: Prime

X Mount: Zoom

X Mount: Teleconverter

X Mount: Cine

X Mount: Prime

Red Badge Zoom Lens

Zoom Lens

Tele Converter

Cine Lens

Lens Craftmanship

Built with the finest materials, all our Fujinon lenses are assembled by hand with meticulous attention to detail.

XF Zoom lenses

Our premium XF zoom lenses offer excellent quality images with the flexibility of a variety of focal lengths. Perfectly suited to our X-Pro and X-E CSCs.

XC Zoom lenses

Our compact and lightweight XC lens range is designed to suit our mid range CSCs. They are so much more than standard "Kit" lenses. Made with all-glass elements, our XC lenses will ensure you capture high quality pictures.

XF "WR" Weather Resistant Zoom lenses

Our premium XF "WR" zoom lenses offer the same excellent quality and flexibility as our regular XF Zoom lenses, but are sealed against moisture and dust to perfectly compliment the weather resistant X-T1 CSC

X Mount - Prime Lenses

X Mount - Red Badge Zoom Lenses

X Mount - Zoom Lenses

X Mount - Tele Converter

XF Prime lenses

Our range of premium XF prime lenses is renowned for its high quality build and clean, crisp output.
Perfectly suited to our X-Pro and X-E CSCs.

X Mount adaptors

High quality, durable adaptors expand the power of the X Mount system even further.

X Mount - Tele Converter

X Mount Cine Lens