One-touch wireless transfer to your smartphone or tablet

Share your high quality images on the spot by installing the free FUJIFILM Camera Application app on your smartphone or tablet

Original "one touch" wireless transfer

You can easily transfer images wirelessly from the FinePix XP70 to your smartphone or tablet after installing the free FUJIFILM Camera Application app. Just press the Wi-Fi® button of the back of the camera to quickly transfer to your device to post on your blog or share them with friends on your social networking site. You can also use the FinePix XP70's built-in Wi-Fi to save your photos to your PC.


Full-featured application maximises new camera features

Download FUJIFILM Camera Application

FUJIFILM PC AutoSave Manual


Easy web uploading to YouTube™ and Facebook via MyFinePix Studio

Step 1 - Tag your images in-camera

Use the camera to browse pictures you have taken and tag them for upload to Facebook or YouTube™.

Step 2 - MyFinePix Studio automatically searches for new images

MyFinePix Studio detects new images to upload.

Step 3 - Upload

When finding new files to upload, the uploader starts automatically and the marked images / videos are uploaded to Facebook / YouTube™.


  • · Sample photos are simulated images.